My mission, or what this is all about

My name is Martin. I am an IT Consultant from Hamburg, Germany. For roughly one year now (starting on January 4, 2016 to be precise) I have been getting to work and back by means of a company bicycle. Company bicycle as in company car (and paying taxes for the bike in just the same way). Work as in visiting different clients on a daily basis, sometimes multiple locations on the same day. I have ridden “my” bike almost every day, in any weather. Lately I have also started to track my trips using Strava. The total distance on the company bike in 2016 was just over 4,000 km, that’s 2,500 miles.

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It was a Facebook post by a friend, posted in December 2016, about the few people who had posted at least one activity to Strava on every single day of 2016 (never mind the statistical inaccuracies here), that set me on a mission: ride every day in 2017, and share the activity on Strava. I plan on using the hashtags #cycle365 and #rideeveryday on at least one of my rides each day, counting the days. And I plan on posting, to this blog, things that I find worthy of posting that are in some way related to the mission.

The activities shared on Strava are going to include some, not all, of the short rides like dropping off my child at the day care (less than 2km round trip) or getting things from the store. Walks or runs (or swims!?) don’t count, although I record some of those as well. But there are also going to be longer rides, rides to work, bike races, etc. I don’t have a policy for sick days, but will come up with something when needed. Weather conditions or holidays will not be an excuse. I hope I won’t ever forget to tap “Record” at least once a day. I will have to see what to do when I do… go on an extra “penalty” ride, maybe?

Being the IT nerd that I am I am going to be fooling around with various APIs, embedding stuff from Strava, or other platforms.

Just to make it clear: I am (at the time of this writing, ha ha) not affiliated with Strava in any way. (Heck, I don’t even have a premium account.)