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About the only thing that never really worked well with the Brompton was taking the kids along. Especially our youngest daughter, who does ride her own bike, but is not very fast nor enduring just yet.

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I’ve tried using the child seat we had, as well as the trailer, but neither was really what I was looking for.

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Using either option you sacrifice the handiness of the folded Brompton.

When I first found the Pere I quickly ruled it out over the steep price. However during our recent trip to Berlin I convinced the family to stop at Kultrad and got the place’s owner Winfried Heun to let us take his Pere for a test ride.

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Now guess what happened! Hint: the next picture was taken in front of our garden shed:

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And the best thing is: it makes people smile! It makes me smile. It makes my daughter smile. Us smiling (or the wonderful seat?) makes everyone else smile when we pass them on our rides. 😀